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HNN Podcast: Meet the American Humanist Association
[Date: May 27, 2009]

A new installment of the HNN Audio Podcast is available for listening. Keep reading to find out about the guests on this month's show.

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Editor's Note: Once a month, HNN produces an Internet radio talkshow, called a podcast. This edition of the HNN e-zine contains only two articles. The next article will contain a transcript of last month's HNN Audio Podcast, for those who do not want or cannot listen to our podcast. Questions? Click here.

In this month's audio podcast, Jes Costantine and new co-host Jende Huang are in Washington D.C. to interview staff members of the American Humanist Association. Learn what goes on behind the scenes at one of the largest humanist organizations in the world, and hear what AHA staffers have planned for the future.

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