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HNN Back in Full Force on June 10th
May 20, 2009

Dear Readers,

I just came back from Washington, D.C. where I met with my new co-workers at the American Humanist Association. If you've been reading the Humanist Network News for the past several months, you may know that we are now a program of AHA.

Because I was in D.C. until last night, there will be no full zine this week--just this short article with several announcements.

First, next issue, our popular podcast will return, this time co-hosted with Jende Huang and Jes Constantine. Jes recently returned from AHA headquarters herself, where she taped some new content with Jende. I'll look forward to hearing it, as I'm sure you will.

Second, the following week, I will be on vacation, so there will be no zine published on Wednesday, June 3.

Change is in the air as we absorb new ideas and new energy from AHA's staff. And I think it is good. I would like to feature more voices in HNN so I'm inviting potential writers to contact me.

I am looking for reporters who can cover hard news or neophytes with good writing skills and an interest in covering news and events of interest to humanists. You may query me with your ideas at:

I am also interested in finding a regular humor columnist instead of publishing random jokes in Humanist Humor. Any takers?

By the way, so far the tally of responses to my query to readers in the last issue regarding keeping the Cathartic Cartoons feature versus dropping it, is running seven in favor of dropping the feature, to nine in favor of cutting it, with three people saying that we should keep the comics, but only if we can run funny ones!

So, potential cartoonists who are interested in writing only "funny" cartoons that would interest humanists are also welcome to write to me.

Well, I guess that's about it. I'll look forward to continuing this running dialogue with the humanist community on June 10.

Be Well.

Ruth N. Geller is the editor of Humanist Network News, the weekly e-zine of the American Humanist Association.

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