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Development Developments at IHS
April 18, 2007

Did you just file your taxes and wish you were getting a bigger refund?

Then you may want to contact the Institute for Humanist Studies newly expanded development program to discuss the many benefits of charitable giving.

Nancy Buxton, new IHS Development CoordinatorIHS has added planned giving professional Nancy Buxton to its staff and engaged the Charter Charitable Foundation to provide a wide range of philanthropic vehicles that will help donors maximize the benefit of their gifts.

In addition, the IHS board of directors has created a development committee chaired by long-time freethought leader Bobbie Kirkhart.

Working with the Charter Charitable Foundation, Nancy Buxton will help individuals and families to design personalized planned giving programs that may include charitable gift annuities, bequests, charitable remainder trusts, and retirement plan gifts. These planned giving vehicles allow taxpayers to reduce estate taxes, eliminate capital gains, and claim income tax deductions, at the same time as benefiting the future of humanism.

Nancy Buxton is a 10-year veteran of development work for nonprofits. She joins IHS from the Schenectady Museum Association. A long-time humanist, Nancy spent six years as an Educator and Course Advisor at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation at Monticello, Jefferson's home in Virginia.

Religion is still by far the largest recipient of charitable donations in the U.S.

"IHS looks financially strong right now, but, to be honest, it will not survive as a long-term resource for freethought unless it receives greater support from donors," said IHS President Larry Jones. "We already have great people and programs, and now we are adding an outstanding development team. I know other philanthropists are going to love working with Nancy and Charter Trust. And I am very proud that one of America’s greatest freethought activists has agreed to head our new development committee."

Bobbie Kirkhart, vice president of the Secular Coalition for America and past president of the Atheist Alliance International, is chairing a development committee that also includes IHS board members Roberta Armstrong and Everett Jones. Armstrong is a development professional who has also served on many non-profit boards, and Everett Jones is IHS treasurer.

"Freethinkers of all stripes often express a wish for a more cooperative effort among our groups," Kirkhart told HNN. "I believe that desire is sincere, and that when asked, our readers and others in the community will put their money where their mouth is, and eagerly support this organization, whose work helps the entire community of reason."

Anyone interested in exploring giving opportunities with IHS should call Nancy at 518 432 7820 x209 or contact her by email.

Matt Cherry is the executive director of the Institute for Humanist Studies. He is the author of Introduction to Humanism at the Continuum of Humanist Education, the online school of the Institute for Humanist Studies.

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