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Apr. 18, 2007

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Special Note from the Artist:

I am probably the only cartoonist who has the guts to post a comic strip like this concerning the Virginia Tech Shooting. It's not that other creative types don't agree, it's that artists and writers are usually afraid of saying what's obvious in times of tragedies. I'm not trying to be insensitive, I'm actually just venting my frustration. I really do feel sorry for the students who had to go through this. It will haunt them the rest of their lives.

As with the Tsunami tragedy in 2005, I plan to continue to point out that people will bow before an apathetic god and excuse his/her inaction. If it were anybody but God, he/she would be condemned by the public at large. In the US we applaud heroes who save lives by not standing on the sidelines and we are ashamed of individuals who do not lift a hand to help, even when all it would take is a cellphone call to 911.

God was not there as innocent students were being shot at random. He is all powerful and all knowing. And yet religion excuses him.

Since I do not believe in God I am tackling this from the point of view of someone who does believe; because there should be conclusions to the inactions of the supposed God who resides over us. When some one or some thing who can help but chooses not to, for vanity or some sort of twisted plan, then something is wrong. They are either apathetic, cruel or both. They cannot possibly be empathetic to the human condition.

When human events turn deadly and when nature strikes, people need to rely on other people. We need to come together and heal our wounds. Turning to a being that either doesn't exist or exists but doesn't care is not beneficial to the human race.

Those victims involved in this shooting need to rely on each other, not a god. And from what I've seen so far, religious or not, fellow humans have done a good job in reaching out to these victims. I would simply like to know how we can prevent incidents like these in the future and how we can figure out what is wrong with people who commit such acts.

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