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Strange Times

Feuding monks in bad odour over sewage
What a waste! (story by The Telegraph, Apr. 7, 2007).

Clergy back medical marijuana in Illinois
What have they been smoking? (story by The LA Times, Apr. 18, 2007).

Outsourced prayer lines confuse callers
Proof that everything is being outsourced (story by The Lark News, Apr. 18, 2007).

Editor's Note: We've been had. This site listed above is a satire. Thanks for HNN reader Bill for letting us know.

Three Central American Nations Ban Self-Styled Antichrist
Can he claim religious asylum in the U.S.? (story by Yahoo! News, Apr. 14, 2007).

Faith, fury mix at Mormon temple
At least they weren't picking on us (story by AZ Central, Apr. 7, 2007).

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