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Media Roundup

Religious bias colors doctors' views
Yet more evidence that doctors are not just objective, neutral scientists (story by ABC News, Apr. 18, 2007).

Court Backs Ban on Abortion Procedure
The Supreme Court upheld the nationwide ban on partial-birth abortion (story by The Washington Post, Apr. 18, 2007).

Blind faith on sex-ed approach puts kids at risk
The Bush administration puts abstinence ideology before lives (story by MSNBC, Apr. 16, 2007).

For Some Hispanics, Coming to America Also Means Abandoning Religion
Several studies show that Hispanics are just as likely as other Americans to identify themselves as having no religion (story by The New York Times, Apr. 15, 2007).

Preachers Accused of Sins, and Crimes
News investigation uncovers predators in Protestant churches (story by ABC News, Apr. 13, 2007).

Thanks for the Facts. Now Sell Them.
Scientists are failing to explain hot-button issues to a wary public (story by The Washington Post, Apr. 15, 2007).

Perry backs 'religious expression' legislation
Texas governor Rick Perry on Tuesday endorsed legislation that would guarantee students the freedom to express their religious beliefs at school (story by The Houston Chronicle, Apr. 11, 2007).

The Strange Death of Multiculturalism
An ideology which holds that people from different cultures must not criticize each other is both wrong and unworkable (story by Project Syndicate, Apr. 18, 2007).

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