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Humanist holiday gift ideas
Dec. 7, 2005

Still looking for the perfect gift for your freethinking friend, family member or significant other?

The cartoonists of HNN have t-shirts, comic books, and calendars for sale


How about a signed poster of Joel Pelletier's "American Fundamentalists" painting? (click here)

Freethought knick knacks

  • has tons of freethought knick knacks. This site has books, games, pins, t-shirts, action figures!

For the bookworm:

Support HNN writers, Continuum of Humanist Education Faculty members and the Institute for Humanist Studies, by shopping at the CoHE bookstore. A small portion of each purchase you make will benefit the Institute's Continuum of Humanist Education project.

Some books to look for:

Give the gift of education

Why not give someone special a tuition gift to the Continuum of Humanist Education?

The gift of charity

You could also make a donation in one's name to support humanism.

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