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Humanist Podcasting vs. Godcasting
Nov. 30, 2005

Last week the Institute for Humanist Studies releasted the first-ever audio version of Humanist Network News.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to listen to the episode, please read last week's article on how to listen and subscribe to the audio HNN.

HNN strongly encourages listeners to subscribe to the podcast using iTunes. The process is very simple, the iTunes software is free, and you do not need an iPod to listen -- you can listen through your computer.

For those of you who just want to listen and do not want to deal with iTunes -- or who just can't seem to get it to work -- you can click the following link to listen to the episode. It will start playing automatically, so turn up your speakers if you have them. It may take a minute for the sound file to load.

You can also right click the link above to download the file to your computer. Try right clicking the above link if you can't get the file to start playing.

Please feel free to contact HNN with any questions about our podcast or to report any technical difficulties.

We'll publish your comments about the podcast in next week's HNN. But in the meantime, here's a little research activity for you. Visit any of the following podcast directories and search for religious podcasts, a.k.a. "Godcasts." Then do the same search for humanist podcasts.

Humanist Network News is a weekly e-zine, and now podcast, of the Institute for Humanist Studies. The Institute for Humanist Studies promotes humanism, a non-religious philosophy based on reason and compassion. IHS advances human rights, secular ethics and the separation of religion and government through advocacy, innovation and collaboration.

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