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HNN now "on the air"

Humanists are podcasting

Nov. 23, 2005

Humanist Network News is now available as an audio magazine (a.k.a. podcast).

For several months the staff at the Institute for Humanist Studies has been working to bring HNN to a new audience.

Today we hope to achieve that goal by debuting the first audio HNN. From now on, once a month, HNN will be produced in the style of a radio news magazine instead of as an e-zine.

Visit the IHS podcast page(The e-zine will continue to be published every week, but once a month the e-zine will announce the audio HNN as this edition does.)

There are three ways you can listen to the show: one directly from the Internet without a subscription, and two that allow you to subscribe for automatic updates to software like iTunes or a portable media player.

We hope all our readers will enjoy this new format, which delivers humanist commentary, announcements, and some great music right to your computer or portable media player wherever you go!

If you don't have a portable media player and don't want to download iTunes, you can hear the HNN podcast instantly by visiting our podcasting page at

Visit the IHS podcast pageJust look for the player (circled in red on the screen image to the right) and press the play button. Be sure your speakers are turned up.

While you can stream the episode in this way, we recommend that you download the .mp3 file onto your computer so that you can listen to it whenever you want using your system's default media player for .mp3 files. You can also download the episode to a portable .mp3 player or burn it to a CD to listen to on your stereo or Discman.

Don't forget to leave a comment about the new episode of HNN audio on our podcasting page! (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the comments link).

iTunes is a free media player, written by Apple Computer, for playing and organizing digital music, video files, and podcasts. If you use iTunes, you can subscribe to HNN as follows:

1. Advanced > Subscribe to podcast

2. In the URL box, enter

3. Once iTunes finds the show, just double-click it to listen! You can also click the Info icon (the little "i" in a circle) on the right to see program details (see below).

4. iTunes will find each new HNN podcast instantly as it's published.

HNN podcast programming details

You can listen to our show on iTunes and even download the show to your iPod or other portable mp3 player and bring HNN anywhere!

To download and install iTunes for free, visit:

If you own an iPod or other portable media player, you can subscribe to HNN by following the directions provided and the URL Now you can take HNN with you anywhere you go, even your morning commute!

Humanist Network News is a weekly e-zine and monthly audio magazine of the Institute for Humanist Studies. The Institute for Humanist Studies promotes humanism, a non-religious philosophy based on reason and compassion. IHS advances human rights, secular ethics and the separation of religion and government through advocacy, innovation and collaboration.

P.S. Old dogs can learn new tricks. But there is a learning curve!

HNN Editor Duncan Crary may have some writing experience under his belt. But he's a greenhorn in "broadcasting". Listen carefully to the entire episode and see if you can tell where he makes a mistake. In spite of his pleas, the show's producer, Marty Mulligan, wouldn't let Duncan do a retake. That's live recording for you! The show must go on.

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