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Why Humanists Should Vote Libertarian

Humanists and Libertarians share an optimistic vision for an America where people are empowered to make their own life choices, improve their circumstances, and employ peaceful solutions to conflict. These three areas are governed by our social, economic, and foreign policies.

Social Policy
Libertarians want government out of our personal lives. So, Libertarians support many humanistic causes, such as abortion rights, gay marriage, medical marijuana, and death-with-dignity. Libertarians are also faithful to the Constitution and reject curtailments of our rights, like the illegal detention of "enemy combatants" and the ironically-named "Patriot Act."

Some Humanists, however, take exception to the Libertarian rejection of social programs like Welfare, Social Security, and Medicare. These Humanists should take a hard look at the results produced by these programs. For example, we've spent trillions on poverty programs since the "Great Society" was introduced 40 years ago, but Census Bureau reports show no reduction in poverty rates. The return on the money we are forced to contribute to Social Security and Medicare is much less than can be gained on the free market (and both of these Ponzi schemes will have to be fixed soon or go broke).

Without these types of programs devouring our income, we could save more money to support ourselves as well as provide charity to those in need.

Economic Policy
Currently, we subsidize the “family farms” owned by Chevron and Ted Turner. Our tariffs protect Big Steel at the expense of all other industries. The recently-passed 1000-page energy bill was so laden with special-interest pork that it was nicknamed the "Leave No Lobbyist Behind" act.

These gifts, so generously distributed by our representatives, cost Americans serious money. Money we don't have. The national debt is $7.4 trillion. This unimaginable sum is about $23,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Have our representatives taken a realistic approach to this looming crisis and either raised taxes or reduced expenses? Hardly. They just continue to pass the ever-increasing burden to our children and grandchildren.

Don’t believe any political myths about which major party spends more than the other. The independent Concord Coalition estimates that Kerry's tax and spending proposals would add $1.27 trillion to the deficit over 10 years, while Bush's would add $1.33 trillion. The only candidates who would actually reduce government, rather than spend your money on their pet causes, are Libertarians.

Foreign Policy
The rest of the world knows what too few Americans seem to grasp: America's foreign policy, far from defeating terrorism, is actively inspiring it. Having supported and supplied some of the world's worst dictators (Saddam Hussein, for one) we shouldn't be surprised when the people they oppressed turn on us. This is not an excuse for terrorist activities—Libertarians oppose all violent aggression—but understanding the enemy is fundamental to a winning strategy.

Both (President) George W. Bush and (Sen.) John Kerry will continue the war in Iraq. Neither seems to recognize that even above the more than 1,000 American and 10,000 Iraqi dead, we are multiplying the terrorist ranks by continuing the occupation of a sovereign Islamic nation. The Libertarian solution, bringing our troops and money home as fast as can safely be done, will keep us from throwing more fuel on the terrorism fire while providing more resources for the protection of Americans at home.

Don't Waste Your Vote
Voting for Democrats or Republicans tells them that they should keep giving you more of the same: more government spending, more interference with your life, more foreign wars, and more destruction of our civil liberties. Instead, use the power of your vote to make a statement: NO MORE.

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in America with over 600 office holders. For a further introduction to Libertarian ideas, see To learn more about the Libertarian Party, visit: The Cato Institute, a non-profit public policy research foundation, provides analysis of many Libertarian solutions and can be found at

Humanists take a skeptical view of religious promises for a better life. Government programs are similar: lots of time, energy, and money are spent with little to show for it. Good intentions are not enough. Humanists can advocate for realistic solutions to our problems by voting for every Libertarian on their ballot.

--Crystal Jurczynski is a Humanist Libertarian Entrepreneur in the not-free-enough-state of Illinois.

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